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CBD for Pets 101

It seems like discussions about CBD (cannabidiol) oil are everywhere. It’s on the news. Celebrities are bringing up the subject in interviews. You might have even heard about it by the watercooler at work today. It’s very likely that news story, celebrity or coworker brought up the usage of CBD for four-legged friends, as CBD-infused pet products are becoming increasingly popular. Pet owners are increasingly turning […]

Best Anxiety Meds for Dogs & Other Pets for the Holidays

The holidays have arrived—and with them, a long list of potential stress and anxiety triggers. Between gifts to purchase, trees to trim, cookies to bake, bags to pack, cards to sign, and cleaning the house to welcome family and friends, there’s a lot to be apprehensive about throughout this stressful season. But it’s not only […]

10 Ways Canna Hemp Paws CBD Tinctures Help Pets

Are you considering helping your pets with our Canna Hemp Paws CBD tinctures? Here are some 10 facts about the benefits it can provide your furry friends! 1: CBD Isn’t Psychoactive Both hemp and cannabis contain cannabidiol (CBD). However, it provides healing properties minus the elements of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that produces that “high” effect. We […]

The Many Benefits of CBD for Pets

You may have heard about people using CBD for their pets to help with a variety of ailments. Our CBD for pets products contains no THC, i.e. the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that gets one “high.” Your cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals can get all the benefits of this healing plant without adverse side […]

Pets with Sensitive Stomachs & How CBD can Help

What do you do when your pet is having severe digestive issues, or has a sensitive stomach? This is a question that many pet owners encounter at some point. Each person may have a few go-to remedies, which may include an array of bland foods, drinks and medications. When we ourselves have an upset stomach […]

Pet Anxiety and How CBD Can Help

Have you been noticing that your pet’s been feeling stressed or anxious lately? Maybe they’re even feeling worries? Even if you’re not sure if your pet is feeling stressed or anxious, your pet will communicate their emotional state through body language and behavior. Decoding these cues is mostly a matter of knowing what to keep […]

Natural Remedies to Help with Canine Flu

A new strain of canine flu, known as H3N2, has been floating around this past flu season, with 52 cases confirmed this month in Nevada. Another, older strain of canine flu that has also been infecting dogs is H3N8. This strain specifically has been present in the state since 2015.   There are different symptoms of canine flu, but some of the most common […]

Pet Nausea: How CBD Can Help

Just like humans, dogs and cats can experience nausea and can experience a number of different symptoms that not only include vomiting, but dehydration, change in appetite and lethargy. Dogs are known to eat almost anything, and this can lead to nausea and vomiting directly after eating. This has been an annoyance for many dog […]

How CBD can help with pet allergies & skin

Most people are familiar with the occasional skin irritant, whether it’s a bug bite, a rash caused by fabric softener or some sort of food allergy. However, there are some people that may not realize that humans aren’t the only ones to suffer from allergies. Dogs, cats and other furry pets don’t just scratch themselves […]

Ways to spend time with your pets on Valentine’s Day

Do you know someone who loves you unconditionally? Who will always be there for you, and never let you down? Are you always excited to see that special someone when you come home? Who could possibly fall into these categories? Your pet – obviously! Between the flowers, chocolates and romantic movies, don’t forget that your […]