10 Ways Canna Hemp Paws CBD Tinctures Help Pets

Are you considering helping your pets with our Canna Hemp Paws CBD tinctures? Here are some 10 facts about the benefits it can provide your furry friends!

1: CBD Isn’t Psychoactive

Both hemp and cannabis contain cannabidiol (CBD). However, it provides healing properties minus the elements of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that produces that “high” effect. We derive our Canna Hemp Paws cannabidiol from USA-grown organic hemp. Therefore, pets can relax without intoxication.

2: CBD Reduces Anxiety

Is your pet jumpy when there are loud noises like thunder or nearby construction? Do they panic when you’re away from home? Studies have shown that cannabidiol can help with anxiety and stress. For rescue pets that suffered from abuse, it can be a blessing.

3: CBD Can Treat Seizures and Epilepsy

A new research study at the University of Colorado tested the effects of cannabidiol on dogs that suffer from seizures and epilepsy with quite promising results. Not only does it help humans with these chronic ailments, but they proved it can work on pets, too! Plus, it’s much safer on their organs, unlike pharmaceuticals that can damage the liver.

4: CBD Acts as a Pain Reliever and Anti-Inflammatory

Many humans have replaced dangerous opioid painkillers with medical marijuana and CBD, especially since there’s no risk of an overdose. It not only provides pain relief for both people and pets but reduces inflammation as well.

5: CBD Helps with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Studies on animals have yielded results that cannabidiol is able to prevent colitis, aka IBD. It restores regular gut motility, plus has antibiotic properties against MRSA (Staphylococcus Aureus).

6: CBD Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Veterinarians have discovered cannabidiol improves pets’ heart health and studies have proven it reduces damage to blood vessels, improves irregular heart rates and lowers blood pressure attributed to anxiety and stress.

7: CBD Protects the Nervous System and Helps Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases

Cannabidiol has had promising results when it comes to pets that have spinal and nerve complications. In humans, it aids people that are living with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) by providing protection against toxicity of the brain cells.

8: CBD Helps with Nausea and Stimulates the Appetite

When your fur baby doesn’t want to eat, CBD may help them get their appetite back. If they’ve been having issues with nausea and vomiting, whether from medications they’re on or perhaps they got into the garbage can and ate something odd, it can assist them with that as well.

9: CBD Helps with Symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases

Not only is cannabidiol a great antioxidant—possibly even stronger than C and E vitamins—but it also lessens the ability of signaling molecules (a cytokine) that triggers allergies and autoimmunity.

10: CBD Can Fight Cancer

Scientists have found that cannabidiol and additional substances contained in hemp possess an antitumor effect and prevent cancer cells from growing. It also increases the death of tumor cells and stops cancer cells from growing, in addition to boosting the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments.

If your pet is suffering from any of the listed ailments, don’t hesitate and order our Canna Hemp Paws tincture today! Plus it’s organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and has no GMOs. Also, a third-party lab tests our products so you can be sure you’re giving your pets the highest quality cannabidiol tincture on the market!