The Many Benefits of CBD for Pets

You may have heard about people using CBD for their pets to help with a variety of ailments. Our CBD for pets products contains no THC, i.e. the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that gets one “high.” Your cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals can get all the benefits of this healing plant without adverse side effects that result from many pharmaceuticals. Our CBD is derived from hemp so your furry friend will be provided with relief and relaxation minus intoxicating effects.

The Canna Hemp Paws CBD tinctures and pets chews are great for those pets that have anxiety from noises like thunder or fireworks. CBD reduces stress for pets that have separation anxiety or are prone to aggressive behavior.

Another benefit of our CBD for pets products is in fighting cancer. CBD has an anti-tumor effect and shown to stop cancer cells from growing by blocking their ability to produce energy. It also slows and inhibits glioma cell growth, and increase tumor cell death.

When it comes to seizures and epilepsy for both humans and animals, CBD aids in the reduction and frequency of episodes. CBD won’t harm the liver.

Pain relief and decreasing inflammation is also an advantage of using CBD, including issues from arthritis. Additionally, CBD helps with inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) to restore normal gut motility. If your pet is suffering from a loss of appetite or nausea, CBD helps with that, too.

Lastly, CBD promotes good cardiovascular health by protecting and reducing damage to blood vessels. It protects the nervous system and treats neurodegenerative diseases.

No matter where you are in the United States, the great thing about CBD is that it’s 100 percent legal across the country. Order the Canna Hemp Paws tinctures or pet chews today to help your pets in an all-natural way.

Benefits of CBD For Pets