Pets with Sensitive Stomachs & How CBD can Help

What do you do when your pet is having severe digestive issues, or has a sensitive stomach? This is a question that many pet owners encounter at some point. Each person may have a few go-to remedies, which may include an array of bland foods, drinks and medications. When we ourselves have an upset stomach or digestive problems, we usually know what to do to help ourselves. But what do you do when your pet runs into the same problem? What steps can be taken to help address the issue?

Stomach Inflammation

We tend to think that we have all the answers when it comes to caring for our pets, but when it comes to playing veterinarian, and finding out what’s causing the digestive issues, it can be difficult to figure out. A pet may have stomach issues that’s caused by environmental factors or allergies.

The factors that could affect your pet’s stomach could be a change in diet, illness, infections, any new plants in the garden or any of those tasty morsels you threw away last night. With the help of dietary supplements, proper nutrition, extra love and care your pet will be back to their happy self soon. CBD oils can also calm an upset digestive tract and provide symptomatic care for your family pet.

Bacterial Infections

Digestive problems and upset stomachs are often caused by an irritated or inflamed lining in the stomach. Cannabidiol (CBD), a known anti-inflammatory agent found in cannabis, can be a great way to reduce the inflammation in your pet’s stomach that’s causing the imbalance in their system. CBD is also a great pain reliever, so any issues with stomach pains your pet is experiencing can also be cut down when they take CBD oil.

If you pet is experiencing digestive problems due to a bacterial infection, CBD oil has shown promise in helping the body fight with those problems. As bacteria continue to develop a resistance to antibiotics, scientists have conducted studies that helped to prove that CBD oil is extremely effective as any other common antibiotic when it comes to fighting infections.

CBD Oil as a Preventative

Let’s say your pet doesn’t experience any sort of digestive issues and is relatively healthy. They get good, balanced meals along with daily exercise. You want to keep them happy and maintain their robust health. CBD oil can be a great way to keep your pet’s endocannabinoid system, the system that, in basic terms, regulates mammalian physiology and mood. Just a few drops of CBD oil mixed in with your pet’s food can help in many ways.

With Canna Hemp Paws’ CBD Pet Tincture, we recommend for pets under 25 pounds to be given half the dropper. For pets over 25 pounds, a full dropper. Of course, you should consult with your vet before giving your pet CBD oil if it will conflict with any medication. But if you’re given the all-clear, start with a small dosage and see how your pet reacts. If you see promising results, slowly up the dosage to the recommended amount!

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